Anatomy of European and North American woods - an interactive identification key

From 2000 till 2009 I was working on an interactive identification key for European and North American woods (both softwoods and hardwoods). My goal was to integrate the hardly manageable bulk of information gained from scores of wood-anatomical studies and to present them in a more user-friendly way.

The key is based on the DELTA format (DEscription Language for TAxonomy) and is currently available in English and German (one ZIP-archive per language). DELTA was developed by Mike J. Dallwitz et al., at CSIRO Entomology(Canberra, Australia).

Development of the original DELTA software (download here) has been abandoned. However, within the project "Atlas of Living Australia" (ALA), the software has been ported to a Java environment. It can be downloaded here:Open DELTA Suite. Further links to DELTA and to alternative software solutions can also be found at the site Digital Taxonomy (also available via my Links section). 

After successful installation of DELTA/Intkey and the decompression  of the key's ZIP file it can be launched via double-clicking the file "".


Version 2009-05-14


English key (ZIP file)

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 German key (ZIP file)

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